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2020 Retreats

Pop Up Success Coaching Cafe

On The Spot Coaching

Listening Beneath the Noise: The Transformative Power of Silence Retreat

Saturday, April 18 in St. Paul

$99 Early Bird Discount until March 10th.


Wednesday, March 19 in St. Paul, location TBD.


You have a life. A story.

A mission.

But sometimes life gets in the way and you can use a guide, a resource, a light to help you out.

On the Spot Coaching is a 30-minute tele-coaching session whenever you need it.



Where in your life are you looking for change and transformation?


One, two and three day retreats, Artist’s Way Classes, special events and more!


What do I love about blogging?
Everything! I love to write.

If you are curious about coaching, I invite you to schedule a Complimentary Coaching Session.

Nancy's Mission

“My mission is to help women to claim their power, speak their truth, manifest their dreams and to live up to their potential. I support women in taking risks, going to the edge of their courage, defining their life purpose, being authentic and clarifying their core values. I encourage all my clients to celebrate their spirit, open to opportunities and possibilities and to share their unique talents and gifts with the world.”

– Nancy Jambor