I hope your year is off to a great start! For the past two years, we’ve weathered some turbulent waters and fierce winds. We can only hope for smoother sailing in 2022. There’s a quote that goes, “You cannot control the wind, but you can adjust your sails.” That’s what my message is about today.

There are so many things that are beyond our control. To name just a few, the pandemic, the weather, the actions of others, predicting the future, what others think of us. The things we can control, our thoughts, words, actions, and attitudes determine how we view the world. 

By the time you reach your Wisdom Years, (50’s, 60’s, 70’s+), You’ve had some practice with letting go of what you can’t control, and controlling what you can. You know what you know and hopefully, you’ve learned to trust your intuition. All of the life experiences you’ve gone through inform the choices you make today. It’s called learning from experience. Does that mean that everything is smooth sailing from now on? Absolutely not! There is always more to learn. 

Adjusting your sails is a wonderful metaphor for being flexible, open to another perspective, changing direction, listening to another’s viewpoint. Imagine what might happen if you approached a conflict or challenge from this place. You would have less stress, more joy, increased energy, less ruminating, additional clarity, and more time to enjoy your life fully. 

You have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain by adjusting your sails. I’ll share a few examples from my own life to inspire you.

  • write about it, it’s cathartic and healing
  • get outside and experience nature every day
  • hire a coach to help you on your journey
  • be willing to pivot, change direction
  • surround yourself with people who love, support, and encourage you
  • do more of what brings you joy

Have you been thinking about One-on-One Coaching? Maybe now is the time. I invite you to set up a complimentary Discovery Call with me. Let’s have a conversation, and explore how I can help you to adjust your sails, change direction or choose a new path. 

Here’s the link to set up an appointment.

You’re not done yet, there’s so much more to discover!

Adjusting Your Sails

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