Being in your comfort zone isn’t a bad thing. On the contrary, it can feel warm, comfortable, and familiar. There are many synonyms for the phrase comfort zone. Here are just a few; sanctuary, safe place, refuge, haven, hideaway, retreat. Don’t these words bring to mind a warm, cozy spot? It’s OK to spend time in your comfort zone. In fact, most of the time it feels pretty good. The problem arises when your intuition is telling you to take a risk, make a change, try a new direction. It’s easy to ignore these inner nudges because it’s so comfortable in your comfort zone.

Once you reach your Wisdom Years, (50s, 60s, 70s+), it becomes even more important to step outside your comfort zone. You’re in the third phase of your life and time is flying by. Now is the time to schedule that trip to Ireland, take the grandchildren on a special trip, volunteer in a third-world country, take that photography class, or whatever it is you’ve been putting off.

Here’s a recent example of when I moved outside my comfort zone in a big way. I haven’t led a live retreat since pre-Covid. Leading retreats for women is one of my all-time favorite things to do. Have I been noodling the idea for the last year or so? Absolutely! About a month ago, I made a decision to take a big, bold action step and commit to my first live retreat of 2022. It will be at the end of April and it’s called Celebrate YouA Self-Love Retreat For Women

You have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain by stepping outside your comfort zone. I know you can do this, whatever it is. It can be baby steps or it can be a big, bold action step. You get to decide. I encourage you to take a risk and challenge yourself. You’ll feel so empowered, so good about yourself.

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Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone