I recently had the opportunity to participate in a fabulous retreat led by my friend, Laura West, of joyfulbusiness.com. One of the areas we focused on was energy centers and where our energy is leaking. We talked about four energy centers; physical, emotional, mental, and financial. Today, I want to focus on emotional and mental energy. Worrying, fretting, projecting into the future, ruminating are all symptoms or signs that your emotional and mental energy are leaking. When your energy is leaking, it’s hard to focus on the positives in your life. It’s challenging to feel joy, abundance, happiness, and contentment when your energy is leaking and being diverted by negative emotions. 

In your Wisdom Years, (50’s, 60’s 70’s+), you might be experiencing estrangement with a family member, loss of your pet, death of a loved one, relocating to another state, downsizing. There are so many energy zappers out there. The good news is that there are antidotes to fix the leaks. Here are a few that are working for me.

1. reaching out to a friend
2. exercise (especially in Nature)
3. reading a good book
4. taking a nap
5. meditation
6. hiring a professional coach or therapist to help you with the process

It’s time to take your power back! You don’t have to be a leaky sieve, letting all your good positive energy leak out. Make a decision to look at where your energy is leaking, and fix those leaks. I’m doing it and I know you can too!

If you resonate with my message, I invite you to set up a complimentary Discovery Call with me. I can help you discover where your energy is leaking. The answers are within you and I have the tools to help you access them. Let’s have a conversation!

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Where Is Your Energy Leaking?
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