Listening Below the Noise is the name of a book by Ann D. Le Clare. I attended a retreat led by Ann in 2012, and purchased her book at that time. LeClare talks about Intuitive Listening in her book. This is how she describes it. “Hearing not only what is being spoken but also what is not being said. This type of listening is a gift, listening with heart. It is listening with all the senses, intuition and compassion. This is deep listening. Deep listening is a profound act of love. The most important gift we can give each other is our attention.” When was the last time you felt heard? Who in your life really listens to you? How can you listen to others from your heart? How can deep listening be a form of healing and connection in your life?

If any of these questions resonate with you, I have a retreat in April which will explore in depth, the four ways we listen to others. Check out the details on my website. Registration is now open. I hope you’ll decide to join me at this transformative retreat. Also, check out Ann’s book, it’s a winner! or

Listening Below The Noise

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