artists wayThe dictionary defines abundance as more than enough, plentiful, sufficient, ample, copious, bountiful.  How do you define abundance? For some, it’s about climbing the corporate ladder, making as much money as possible and acquiring more and more possessions. For me, abundance has very little to do with money. I define abundance as spending time with friends and family, doing the things that bring me joy, nourishing my body, mind and spirit, retreating up North to reconnect with my soul. Abundance manifests in my life as good health, doing work that fulfills me, connecting with nature every day, stopping to smell the roses (literally), splashing in puddles with my granddaughter, listening to the birds singing in the morning.

Abundance has everything to do with attitude. Julia Cameron talks about recovering a sense of abundance in The Artist’s Way. She explores how our attitudes can limit and block abundance in our lives. On the other hand, a positive attitude can open our minds and hearts to the abundance that is already present in our lives. I affirm that I have everything I need today and my life is abundant. What about you? How do you define abundance?

How Do You Define Abundance?
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