How do you know when it’s time to move on to another job or make a career change? What a daunting question this can be. Change can be challenging and it can also be exciting and exhilarating. If you are feeling stressed, bored, restless, unfulfilled; these could be clues that it’s time to make a change. Here is an exercise which might be helpful in finding your next job or career. Write a description of your “Ideal Job” and let your imagination soar during the process. If money were not an issue, what would your “Ideal Job” look like?  Let the following questions guide you. What is most important to you? What fulfills you? What energizes you? What challenges you intellectually? What makes you laugh? Now choose the top 5 qualities from this list that you must have in a new job or career. This will provide some direction as you consider the opportunities and possibilities available to you. Good Luck and have fun!

When is it time to move on to a new job or career?

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