bridgeThe dictionary defines bridge as a structure built over a depression or obstacle for use as a passageway. A bridge is a connection or link from one side to the other. Recently, I read a passage about a bridge in 52 Quotes & Weekly Mindfulness Practices by Richard Fields, Ph.D., Editor, Co-author. It talked about being of service, helping others, being a bridge. The quote is “May I be a bridge.” The mindfulness practice suggests contemplating, thinking about what being a bridge means to us. The book states that “With increased mindfulness, we not only notice our desire to help others, we are actually more able to do so. We are more present and able to see what might be useful.”

Every day there are numerous opportunities to be a bridge, a way of connecting with others if we pay attention. It can be as simple as greeting someone with a smile, asking the cashier at the grocery store how their day is going or it can be more profound like volunteering in a homeless shelter. In my business as a Life Coach, I often try to be a bridge to help my clients connect with their inner wisdom and get to the other side of whatever obstacle or stumbling block is in their way. Today I will be more mindful of how I can be a bridge in someone’s life. What about you? How can you be of service today by being a bridge?

Being a Bridge
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