dolphinsThis is Day 23 of my Passion Project. My project has changed quite a bit since Day 1, April 28. My original project was to design my first teleclass. I quickly realized that I had taken on way too much for a 30 day project. I changed direction and my new Passion Project for the last 2 weeks has been to play passionately every day. Yesterday, I committed to taking an Action Step Monday through Friday this week. Our last call is 1 week from today and my goal is to finish with a flourish.

My Action Step for today is playing with the 7 line poem. It’s an exercise I learned at the women’s retreat. Here’s how it works: start with 2 words such as creativity is & then use the last word in the sentence as the first word in the next line. These are stream of consciousness, short & sweet. Here is an example from my Morning Pages today: 1 – Creativity is our natural state. 2 – State of mind is everything. 3 – Everything is as it should be. 4 – Be creative today. 5 – Today is the day to begin. 6 – Begin now, don’t delay. 7 – Delay will hold you back. Here is another example: 1 – Creative people are fun. 2 – Fun is in our nature. 3 – Nature is alive with creativity. 4 – Creativity lives in my soul. 5 – Soul knows all. 6 – All is well. 7 – Well runs deep. Try it, it’s really fun! I plan to include this exercise in my weekly Artist’s Way class, can’t wait!

Day 23 – Passion Project
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4 thoughts on “Day 23 – Passion Project

    • May 20, 2014 at 6:59 pm

      Thanks Debbie, appreciate your comment:)

  • May 20, 2014 at 7:55 pm

    Passionate play is a MUST DO for everyone! Awesome that you’re doing it! Love the poem, too. How fun to spring on a group, I might have to try it!

    • May 21, 2014 at 9:55 am

      Thanks for your comments Patty. The passionate playing has definitely helped to get my creative juices flowing again:)

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