journal & penOn Saturday, September 10th, I had the honor and privilege of facilitating a retreat for eight beautiful and courageous women. As we formed our sacred circle, I glanced around at the women gathered and thanked them from my heart for sharing this special day with me. These eight women carved out the space and time to honor themselves and each other for an entire day. We each set an intention for the retreat, a personal, private intention, to be held in our hearts throughout the day. In her best selling book, The Woman’s Retreat Book, Jennifer Louden has this to say about setting intentions at a retreat. “A loving, questioning intention gives your inner knowing something precious to gaze on, the illuminated essence of your retreat. Your intention is a still point of purpose to refer back to when you feel lost, unmoored from your ordinary life, or anxious or selfish or guilty. It helps you to concentrate your time in a way that has heart and meaning.”

The retreat, entitled The Journey to Self Knowledge through Journal Writing included written exercises which we shared with the group, journal writing tips, a guided visualization, and a creative exercise in the afternoon where we each made our own Joy Journal. As we cut images and words from magazines, played with glue and glitter, we fully immersed ourselves in this fun-filled creative endeavor. The laughter, sharing, and connecting among the group warmed my heart. Each time I facilitate a retreat I am touched by the honesty, courage, openness and vulnerability of the participants. This retreat was no exception. The willingness to look within themselves and the recognition of what needs to be changed resonated throughout the room. The women who attend my retreats are seekers. They are searching for ways to connect with their inner wisdom, tools to help them move forward in their lives and the affirmation and support that will help them take that next big bold action step.

Here are a few of the comments from the participants. “It was a great day full of good information and new skills to take away.” “This retreat exceeded my expectations!” “I loved the writing exercises and angel cards.” “I want more!”

I hope you will join me at one of my 2017 retreats!

A Joyful Retreat
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  • October 2, 2016 at 10:41 am

    All the aspects of your retreat day sound wonderful Nancy, but I especially love that you led your group into making Joy journals. What an amazing practice to initiate them into, and one I’m sure will continue to bring them delight.


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