candleAs I was going through some old paperwork this week in preparation for my upcoming move, I came across a Loving Kindness Meditation that I had misplaced. I was overjoyed to rediscover it as I like to use it as a guided visualization at my retreats. I am going to include the high points in this post and not the entire meditation because of length.

Imagine a star of light, bright and glowing and follow it’s beam to your heart center. Focus now on your heart center, that place of wisdom, compassion and love. Feel it opening and expanding, filling with light and energy. And now imagine the light within your heart and let that center of light expand until it fills you and reaches beyond you, above you, below you and all around you. And now repeat these blessings for yourself: May I be at peace, may my heart be open, may I know the beauty of my own true nature, may I be a source of healing.

The meditation continues as you invite a loved one into the circle of light. Send them blessings of loving kindnes: may you be at peace, may your heart be open, may you know the beauty of your own true nature, may you be healed. Imagine them now dissolving into the light.

Next you create another circle of light and invite into it anyone you are in judgment of or who is in judgment of you, anyone to whom your heart is closed, anyone you are willing to forgive or wish to ask forgiveness from and repeat the words above: may you be at peace…..

The final part of this meditation involves sending thoughts of loving kindness to all beings. May there be peace upon the earth, may all hearts be open…… As the meditation draws to a close, you are invited to cup your hands over your heart and feel the warmth, the power and know that you can send thoughts of loving kindness to anyone, anytime and anywhere by focusing on your heart center. I encourage you to try this beautiful meditation, it is very healing. Author unknown

Loving Kindness
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  • April 26, 2016 at 8:57 am

    Nancy, this is a wonderful idea for a meditation practice. I will use it today. Thanks for suggesting some warming light to bring within then spread about.


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