artistswayHave you ever said to yourself, “I’m not creative” or “I don’t have a creative bone in my body?” I’m here to tell you, that is absolutely not true! We are all creative! “Creativity is our true nature” according to Julia Cameron, best selling author of The Artist’s Way. I am passionate about this topic and it is why I have been leading the Artist’s Way classes for the last 15 years and writing Morning Pages for 16 years. I am a fierce warrior for people who want to live a creative life. You CAN rediscover your creativity and reconnect to your sense of joy and wonder. How can you do this? By enrolling in my 12 week Artist’s Way class beginning in January, 2017. Yes, this is a commitment of time, money and energy and why would you want to venture out in the middle of winter in Minnesota? Here are 5 reasons why you should sign up for this experiential class.

  • You will benefit from my 16 years of experience and wisdom about the Artist’s Way process.
  • You will have a supportive group to encourage and acknowledge you in your 12 week journey of creative recovery.
  • You will discover tools which will give you clarity, direction and creative solutions to whatever challenges you are currently facing.
  • You will learn how to allow yourself to be creative.
  • You will find out what creative blocks have been holding you back and you will learn techniques to blast through those blocks.

Classes start on January 16 and there are still a few spots available. What a great Holiday gift to give yourself or someone you love. Please visit the Classes page for details.

I’m Not Creative
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