In February of this year I took a writing class at a neighborhood church and it had quite an impact on me.  As I was  brainstorming ideas this morning for an upcoming retreat centered on prayer, I looked back on my notes from the writing class. I want to share a few of the insights I had as I reflected back on my journal entries. There are as many definitions of prayer as there are people on the planet. Here are a few insights from the people who attended the class.

  • Prayer is an opening
  • Prayer brings me home
  • Prayer is listening
  • Prayer is calling forth
  • Prayer is mindfulness
  • Prayer is comforting
  • Prayer is hopeful
  • Prayer is profound

Here are a few of my personal reflections from the class. Prayer is opening my heart, sharing what is written on my soul. Prayer is releasing what blocks me from the sunlight of the spirit. My spirit needs prayer to rise up and meet the joys and sorrows on my journey. Prayer brings me home, home to my center; center of light and love; love for myself, love for others, love for all beings. Prayer allows me to be present in the moment, right here, right now; in this moment of stillness. The following quote from Mother Teresa speaks to this point. “Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.”

What about you? How do you define prayer?

Reflections on Prayer
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