letting go quoteLetting go is a life long lesson for me. Letting go of people, places and things does not come easily to me. I moved to a new space about three weeks ago and had many opportunities to practice the art of letting go. I downsized so had to get rid of many of my larger pieces of furniture. Some of the pieces were valuable antiques and it was interesting to notice how unattached I had become to a few of them. My round, oak, claw foot dining room table and chairs are a great example. I found this set about 45 years ago, stripped and refinished it and have enjoyed using it for all these years. I noticed that I was truly ready to let go of it and wished it a good journey on the way to its new home. How did this happen? Timing, acceptance, willingness, a knowing that it was time to say goodbye to this antique dining room set and being open to allowing something new to come into my life.

The good news is that I absolutely love my new place, the neighborhood, the coffee shop next door, the retail shops and restaurants within walking distance, and most of all the positive energy of my sweeter, simpler life. Letting go is indeed an art, one that I will continue to practice.

What about you? Is there something or someone you need to let go of? If yes, when will you do it? How can letting go allow you to move forward in your life? What are the benefits of letting go?

The Art of Letting Go
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